Honor a Teacher

Isn't it time you had words with your teacher? Words like:
"You've been great!"
"You're the best!"
"You've meant so much to my child!"


It's so easy! Just download the form below and send a note describing that teacher's (or staff member's) special qualities, and a recommended tax-deductible donation in an amount of your choice to the Hilton Education Foundation. We'll send a letter to the teacher sharing your appreciation. We'll also notify the school principal and the Superintendent of your encouraging words.  We'll then channel your donation into grants for needed classroom projects in every school. You will be acknowledged as a Friend of the Foundation.

The Foundation runs the Teacher Appreciation Campaign throughout the year. Consider a Holiday gift, or honor a past Hilton teacher that made a difference in your life. Remember, it's NEVER too late to thank a teacher!

Please click here to download the form in .pdf format


Teacher Appreciation

The “An Apple for the Teacher” program offers a creative way to recognize school employees for their hard work and dedication to the children and youth in our schools. For a minimum donation of $5.00 to the foundation, we will send an Apple of Appreciation to a teacher, administrator, counselor or any school employee, whom you would like to recognize. The program offers the unique opportunity for individuals to show appreciation to education professionals while supporting the Foundation's programs for teachers and youth.

All contributions to the Hilton Education Foundation are tax-deductible.

Click here to download the order form in .pdf format.