Saturday, Sept. 23 from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Hilton High School(back door near tennis courts)

•Did you know that for $6, you can feed a child in need in our community for an entire weekend?

•Cadet Cupboard, a food pantry for the students in the Hilton Central School District, provides children in need with essential, nutritious food that they can subtly take home and safely prepare on their own.

•Food is a basic need for everyone but especially for growing children. Childhood nutrition is critical to their mental and physical development.


Monetary donations are also greatly appreciated. Visit the Giving Page above. For more information, contact Scott Ziobrowski, Food Service Director, at 392-1000, ext. 2152

Donations of the following kid-friendly, non-perishable items are needed:

Peanut butter (12 ounce jar)
Whole grain crackers
Canned pastas (pop-top can)
Soups (pop-top can)
Beef stew (pop-top can)
Canned or packets of tuna fish or chicken
Healthy cereal –small boxes
Oatmeal packets
Ramen noodles
Rice or instant potato packets
Macaroni and cheese (microwaveable)
Fruit cups (peaches, applesauce, etc.) –4 ounce
Vegetable cups (corn, green beans, etc.) –8.5 ounce
Trail mixes
Raisins, dried fruit (snack size boxes)
Pudding cups
Juice boxes (apple, orange, or other 100% juice)
Milk, both white and chocolate (do not require refrigeration)
Cereal bars or granola bars

Please no perishable or glass items.




Hilton Education Foundation Fourth Annual Golf Tournament - July 17, 2017

Mark your calendars for the Hilton Education Foundation Fourth Annual Golf Tournament on Monday, July 17 at Deerfield Country Club, 100 Craig Hill Dr., Brockport. Golfers and sponsors are being sought for this important fundraiser with proceeds benefiting the students of Hilton Central School District. The registration form and sponsorship letter can be downloaded here.



Private foundations grow as school budgets tighten

Jamie Melos helps students Logan Kibby, Caleb Casey and Brendon Ryan weigh the class tortoise as part of their math class at Merton WIlliams Middle School in Hilton. (Photo Democrat and Chronicle: TINA MACINTYRE-YEE/@tyee23/staff)

Nearly everything in Jamie Melos' special education classroom at Merton Williams Middle School can be traced back to the Hilton Central School District's annual budget: smart boards from the technology fund; furniture from general operating expenses; salary and benefits for Melos and her colleagues.

Then there's Stewie.

Some school districts might have $130 budgeted specifically for a Russian tortoise, or $15 for nesting material made of coconut fiber, but Hilton isn't one of them. Instead, Melos applied last year for a small grant from the Hilton Education Foundation, established in 2006 to fund student scholarships and teachers' pet projects. In this case, that meant an actual pet.

Monroe County school districts are increasingly looking to independent education foundations as a way to fund small ventures and tap community interest.

The sums are generally trifling in the context of the districts' overall budgets; the 13 organizations combined paid out about $100,000 in 2015-16, meaning the questions of funding equity raised elsewhere in the country are not as pointed here. The increasing prevalence of the foundations, though, comes partly in response to tightening school budgets, in which nonessential expenditures like pet tortoises are under pressure.

Published from the Democrat and Chronicle January 6, 2017: Read more...


3rd Annual Pigs on Parade

The pigs are complete and have found temporary homes at local Hilton businesses.  There are 17 decorated pigs in local merchants around town to collect your spare change through the months of December to January.  Please “feed” them when you are able. 100% of the contributions raised will go to benefit Cadet Cupboard.
Find them all and support our local business too. Our pigs can be found at:

Carmestro’s Restaurant                                  Summit Federal Credit Union
The Coffee Corner                                          Five Cent Fast Can & Bottle Redemption Center                  
Hilton Family Pharmacy                                  Green Acre Farm & Nursery 
Hilton NAPA Auto Parts                                  Hilton Parma Public Library
Tops Friendly Markets                                    St. Paul Lutheran Church
Village Elementary School                              Hilton High School
Celebrations Hair Design

All of our Pigs will be auctioned off on January 21, 2017 at Comedy Night Under The Stars. The pigs need new homes and we hope you will consider bidding on these precious pieces of art for a good cause.



Scholarship Winners:


Hilton Education Foundation Scholarship
2016 Recipient: Alexa Miles
Collage Attending: SUNY Brockport
2016 Recipient: Michael Cunico
Collage Attending: SUNY Buffalo
$2500 Each and Surface 4

Dr. James D. Nundy Endowment Fund
2016 Recipient: Samantha Braker
Collage Attending:
$500 Each

Dr. Eric A. Cederstrom Academic Award
2016 Recipient: Samantha Barker
Collage Attending:

Hilton High School Music Scholarship
2016 Recipient: Samuel Melita
Collage Attending: Nazareth

Al Mullan Memorial Scholarship
2016 Recipient: Justin Scheg

Mikolaichik Scholarship
2016 Recipient: John Fichter
Westside Football Camp

Laura Downs Scholarship Fund
2016 Recipient: Courtney Popielarz
Collage Attending:

Brain Scroger Memorial Scholarship
2016 Recipient: CJ Pilon
Collage Attending: SUNNY Brockport
2016 Recipient: Justine Brower
Collage Attending: St. John Fisher
$1000 each

Dimbleby Opportunity Scholarship
2016 Recipient: Meredith Allen
Collage Attending: SUNY Cortland

John Pyles Scholarship
2016 Recipient: Kristen Donovan
Collage Attending: Niagara University
$1000 - 2016
$1000 – 2017

Engineering Leadership Scholarship
2016 Recipient: Michael Cunico
Collage Attending: SUNY Buffalo


New York Bus Sales LLC. Scholarship
2016 Recipient: Alexa Miles
Collage Attending: SUNY Brockport


Front Edge, Inc. Scholarship
2016 Recipient: Courtney Popielarz
Collage Attending:


LaBella Associates Scholarship
2016 Recipient: Nicholas Lyons
Collage Attending: Clarkson University






3rd Annual Hilton Education Foundation
Pigs on Parade


Calling all Artists for Pigs on Parade 2016!!

Pigs on Parade is a major fundraiser for the Cadet Cupboard

The third annual “Pigs on Parade” is underway and open to anyone interested in designing and painting a piggy bank. The pigs will come to life this fall when placed around town to collect change for the Cadet Cupboard, a food pantry for Hilton Central School District students in need of nutritious meals.

The Hilton Education Foundation is seeking artists to be involved with this fundraising event and to consider painting and/or decorating one of these specially designed pigs provided by the Foundation.

In November, the completed pigs will then go on parade at a designated stores in the Hilton community.  
Once in place, the community is invited to partake in feeding the pigs with their favorite food – money!

For more information on participating in this important fundraising event, contact Tim Gagnon, Hilton Education Foundation member, at 392-1078 or email hef{at} For more information on Cadet Cupboard, click here.

Download Announcement/Entry
Download Calling All Artists

What is it? Pigs on Parade is a community fundraiser sponsored by the Hilton Education foundation to help support the Cadet Cupboard
How does it work? Community members design an original, “work of art” ceramic piggy bank. The banks will be placed in local businesses from approximately from November through January to raise money and awareness for the Cadet Cupboard. They will then be auctioned off at Comedy Night Under The Stars in January at Deerfield Country Club.

Is there a cost involved? The Piggy banks will be supplied by Foundation. Paints and optional materials will be at the expense of the artist.

Important Dates:
Pick up - Wednesday September 14, 7:00 Board Room Quest School
Pig Completion Due Date November 9, Board Meeting 7:00 Board Room Quest School
(November through January- Pigs on display at local businesses)
HEF Comedy Night Under The Stars January 21, 2017 Piggy Banks 

Tips, ideas & suggestions:
Think of it as a “work of art” that will get people excited and they will want to bid on
Utilize Hilton’s rich history
Come up with a funny title or theme (possibly utilizing pig, pork, swine, etc...)
Take advantage of a current event, book, movie, celebrity, etc…
Be careful not to add things that can be easily knocked off, broken or block the opening for donations. These will be in public locations with a lot of movement around them.
Things to avoid- holiday themed pigs and logos or business names on pigs


Thank you everyone for making the 3rd Annual HEF Golf Tournament a success!!! Pictures coming soon...




HEF 2016 Golf Tournament

The Hilton Education Foundation (HEF), with support from the Hilton Central School District’s Fitness and Wellness Committee, is hosting the Third Annual HEF Golf Tournament at Deerfield Country Club in Brockport on Friday, July 22. Many generous donors and volunteers are making the tournament possible.

The Hilton Education Foundation, founded July 2006, provides students opportunities beyond what the school district can provide. These opportunities are geared toward helping them become self-directed, lifelong learners who think critically and creatively and function as caring, responsible, and productive members of society. Among the initiatives: scholarships which help improve the quality of education in the classrooms; mini-grants to support innovative classroom projects; and recognition of staff members through an Employee Recognition program.

Click here for the 2016 Flyer and Registration Form

The Foundation would like to thank these companies and individuals for supporting it’s Third Annual Golf Tournament:


Frontrunner Networks

LaBella Associates
New York Bus

Summit Federal Credit Union
Tele Data Com

Leonard Bus Sales
Harris Beach
M&T Bank
Emco Commercial Flooring
The Legends Group

Campus Construction Management
GP &G Associates
Cardinal Sports

New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal
Raymond Wager, CPA
Bernard Donegan, Inc.    On Google+:
Mitchell – Nagel & Associates
Workfit Medical
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
Cypress Financial
Hershey Foods
Kimmons Coffee
Utz Quality Food

Special thanks to Deerfield Country Club for generously hosting the event. - See more at:



Thank you to everyone for supporting the 2016 HEF Comedy Night.