2024 3rd Annual Cornhole Tournament

September 2024

Our Mission

The Hilton Education Foundation exists to provide additional opportunities to stakeholders within the Hilton Central School District. The Foundation endeavors to ensure each student’s academic, physical, emotional and social success. The Foundation is committed to Hilton students so they may become self-directed, lifelong learners who think critically and creatively and function as caring, responsible, productive members of society.

Our Vision

The Hilton Education Foundation is dedicated to enriching the education of students in the Hilton Central School District.

Our Goals

The goals of the Hilton Educational Foundation are:

-Raise revenue through personal, private and corporate donations, grants, and fund- raising events.

-Provide funds to enhance and enrich educational opportunities for students in the Hilton Central School District.

-Solicit community and individual involvement that will increase public awareness of the Hilton Central School District and its programs.



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