Aggie Seneway, Founder and President of the Hilton Education Foundation (HEF) passed away peacefully in her sleep on November 12, 2020.  In 2005 Aggie met with a team of community volunteers to create an education foundation to provide funds to enhance and enrich educational opportunities for teachers and students through scholarships and grants in the Hilton Central School District.  Since the inception HEF has created and sponsored the Cadet Cupboard, The Principal’s Check Book, and three Scholarships (Hilton Education Foundation Scholarship, Skilled Trades & Services Scholarship, and HEF Women’s STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics] Scholarships awarding recipients $7,500 annually.  HEF has also funded and sponsored the Experiential Learning Grant, guided alumni tours, and the Alumni Hall of Fame. Additionally, HEF administers and managed contributions for seventeen other private scholarships.

Charitable projects such as the annual Golf Tournament, Comedy Night and associated fund-raising activities have been carried out under Aggie’s continuous guidance and vision.  The Hilton Education Foundation is forever grateful for her selfless contribution to its success. 

Thank you Aggie.

What is the Hilton Education Foundation?

The Hilton Education Foundation is a charitable, not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting quality education programs for every student in the Hilton Central School District. The Foundation was established to receive gifts and donations in order to provide funding to enhance the educational programs and opportunities of the Hilton Central School District.

The Foundation is led by a Board of Directors. These individuals volunteer their time and energies which are rooted in a deep pride and abiding commitment to Hilton students. The Foundation relies entirely on donations to carry out its endeavors. Hilton Education Foundation funds are used to support projects and activities within Hilton Central Schools.

We invite you to read our stories, applaud our students and educators, and join us in a commitment to the education of Hilton’s learners. Please partner with us by sharing your time, talent and resources. What better way to assure Hilton's future?

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