Letter from the President

Dear Friends,

We are surrounded by people who care for our community, who voluntarily give up their time, talent and resources, and who truly want to make a positive impact on our youth, teachers and schools. Our youth is our tomorrow: America’s future leaders. As a community, we have a responsibility to ensure that our youth is guided in the right direction, give them opportunities to grow and discover their talents and skills, and place them in a healthy and safe environment. As the premier educational partner with HCSD, The Hilton Education Foundation is dedicated to bringing the community together to create a brighter future by enhancing and enriching the educational experience for our youth, teachers and schools. HEF challenges each one of you to consider how you can make an impact in the community and invest in our youth and our devoted teachers. Reflect on who has impacted your life and will you be the one to impact another. We appreciate each one of you that have volunteered your time, shared your talents, or donated monetarily. If you are interested in joining us in our cause, I encourage you to contact us or any member of our Board.
 “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” ― Nelson Mandela

Investing in Education
Aggie Seneway
President, HEF


2018-19 Donors:

Matching Gifts Program
Northwestern Mutual Real Estate
R - Options

Individuals and Families
Aaron & Alana Unterborn
Loretta Kirk

Memory of Rome Blair
            Kathleen Blair

Al Mullan Scholarship
Brain Martin

Dimbleby Opportunity Scholarship
Mr. & Mrs. Vito Colline
John & Jane Pyles Scholarship

John & Jane Pyles
Ellen Reitter Kindness
Ryan Lancer
            In Memory of George Reitter
                        Dan & Kathy Cholish
                        John & Pat Rydberg

Paige Adele Smith Scholarship
Laurie Miller

Memory of
George Arthur Kieffer
            Pat & Glenn Unterborn

In Memory of
Edward H. Smith
            George Smith
            William Smith
            Michael & Kathleen Holowka
            Ronald Wake
            Hilton Fire Department

Distinguished Writers Award
Marilyn Waingarten
Jennejahn Family Award
Jennejahn Family

Richard Kearney
Dean & Nancy Snyder
John Kierecki
Connie Duff

Cadet Cupboard 2018-2019 DONORS

Green Acre Farm & Nursery
Connie Duff
Empty Bowls 2018
Hilton Baptist Church
Giving Circle
Cheryl Miles
Hilton’s Classic Wheels on Main Street
Anne Dupin
Beth Maykovich
William Iveson
In Honor of Casey Kosiorek                      Hilton Board of Education
Quest School Joy Shop
Hilton Apple Fest Auto Show
R - Options
Sarah Butler
            Memory of Judith Gagnon
                        Glen & Pat Unterborn
            Memory of Mary Needham
                        Glen & Pat Unterborn

Payroll Deduction


Susan Acker                                        Kathleen Amorese                              Timothy Baker
Stephen Cudzilo                                  Ben Rudd                                             Sara Unterborn
Mark Edwards                                     Michele Farrell                                   Laura Whitcomb
Andrea Geglia                                     Adam Geist                                         Emilie Sears
Emily Gloss                                          Dora Hayes                                          Laurie Steele-Sperber
Candace Henry                                    Candice Hudson                                  Barbara Surash
Shannon Ingles                                   Scott Massie                                       Christine Meleca-Voigt
Sara Meyers                                        Debbie Montrallo                               Kelly O’Connell-Byrne
                                                            Karen Spillman                                   


If your name has been inadvertantly omitted from our donor lists, misspelled or incorrectly listed, please accept our apology and inform us of our error so we can correct our records.

Your generosity is vital to our mission of connecting kids to greatness. To make a donation online, please visit www.hiltoneducationfoundation.org


*list updated 11/20/19