2019-20 Donors:


Gifts from Donors

Between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2020, more than 100 donors made contributions to the Hilton Education Foundation. Some contributions established new charitable funds, while others were added to existing funds or were made in memory or in honor of a loved one. We gratefully acknowledge and thank the following donors for their generous gifts.


Matching Gifts Program

Summit Federal Credit Union

Individuals and Families
Aaron & Alana Unterborn
Michael Wilkerson - Barker

Al Mullan Scholarship
Brain Martin

Dimbleby Opportunity Scholarship
Mr. & Mrs. Vito Colline

John & Jane Pyles Scholarship
John & Jane Pyles

Ellen Reitter Kindness
Ryan Lancer
Dan & Kathy Cholish
Tim & Mary Jo Lancer
John & Pat Rydberg
James Reitter

Memory of Nelva Dimbleby
Connie Duff

In Memory of Dean Snyder
Flora Bishop
Chuck & Mary Partridge
Gerald & Betsy Archibald
Susan Bargmann
Liz & Tom Rubibaugh
Kenneth & Anastasia Pink
Randy & Anne Gefell
Robert & Jody Snyder
David & Eunice Snyder
Alice Coffey
Bruce & Wendy Stewart
Joanne & Erwin Nordhausen
Dianne & Steven Howcraft
Kevin & Lisa Avery
Deborah Tetlow
Walter Sherwood
Mark & Ivana Greenwell
Greenwell Farm
Jacquelyn Galle
Donna Rising
Town of Parma Employees - Town Hall
Mario & Linda Urso
Capt. William Young
Carolyn Wing
James & Deborah Snyder-Puder
John & Michelle Bishop
Mr. & Mrs. Chauncey Watches
Linda Frankenberger
Center for Community Engagement
Bonadio & Company

Distinguished Writers Award
Marilyn Waingarten

Jennejahn Family Award
Jennejahn Family

Randy & Janet Schepler
Dean & Nancy Snyder
John Kierecki


Cadet Cupboard 2019-2020 DONORS

Connie Duff                                                                 In Memory of Ruth Babcock Beaudin
Empty Bowls 2019                                                                  Connie Duff
R-Options                                                                    Eileen Kaiser
Summit Federal Credit Union                                     Karen & Daniel Strauss
Hilton Heart and Hand Quilters                                  Virginia Kimball
Barbara Conklin                                                          In Honor of Village Elementary School
Marilyn Wright                                                                       And Retiree Maria Roides
Hilton’s Classic Wheels on Main Street                                              Ben Rudd
William Iveson                                                            Hilton Apple Fest Auto Show
Cudderback Machining, Inc.                                       Christine Hiburger
Robert & Patricia Andraszek                                       Wegmans
In Honor of Village Elementary School
Related Professionals on SRP
Appreciation Day
Tina Colby & Ben Rudd

Payroll Deduction

Many employees of the Hilton School District participate in a payroll deduction program to benefit the Hilton Education Foundation. The Foundation appreciates this direct support and the enthusiasm that these employees have shown toward the quality educational programs that it has been honored to fund.

Susan Acker                                        Kathleen Amorese                              Timothy Baker
Stephen Cudzilo                                  Ben Rudd                                             Sara Unterborn
Mark Edwards                                     Michele Farrell                                   Laura Whitcomb
Andrea Geglia                                     Adam Geist                                         Emilie Sears
Emily Gloss                                          Dora Hayes                                          Laurie Steele-Sperber
Candace Henry                                    Candice Hudson                                  Barbara Surash
Shannon Ingles                                   Scott Massie                                       Christine Meleca-Voigt
Sara Meyers                                        Debbie Montrallo                               Kelly O’Connell-Byrne
Karen Spillman                                   


We gratefully acknowledge the following businesses and individuals for their in-kind goods or service contributions:

Hilton Central School District
Dan Speber
Scott Ziobrowski                                                             
Summit Federal Credit Union


If your name has been inadvertantly omitted from our donor lists, misspelled or incorrectly listed, please accept our apology and inform us of our error so we can correct our records.

Your generosity is vital to our mission of connecting kids to greatness. To make a donation online, please visit www.hiltoneducationfoundation.org