Cadet Cupboard Food Drive - Saturday Oct 15, 2022 from 9am to 12pm


Thank you for your donations.  Your generosity has helped to sustain the Cadet Cupboard’s Backpack Program for 2 months. 

"Thank you for the food bags, it gives my family a second chance."
                    -from a Northwood 3rd grader



Cadet Cupboard for Students in Need

Launched in 2013 and sponsored by the Hilton Central School District and Hilton Education Foundation, the Cadet Cupboard provides Hilton students with the opportunity to participate in a weekend backpack program that gives children access to essential, nutritious food that they can subtly take home and safely prepare on their own. Food is a basic need for everyone but especially for growing children. Childhood nutrition is critical to their mental and physical development. In addition, several additional offerings are accessible to these students around the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas meal boxes are offered to those whose families are experiencing economic hardships.

Children who have enough to eat:

School district staff is able to identify students in need based on multiple risk factors, including food insecure behavior, physical appearance, school performance and home environment. Once a parent consents to his or her child participating in the program, the student receives a pack of food placed in his or her backpack on Fridays during the school year and two packs before holiday breaks. The referral process and distribution is completely confidential. (Maslow's Hierachy of School Needs reprinted with permission: Steve Guditus)

Collection boxes are located in the foyer of each school in the Hilton School District: Hilton High School, Merton Williams Middle School, Northwood Elementary School, Quest Elementary School and Village Elementary School.

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