Aggie Seneway, met with a team of community volunteers with a goal to create an education foundation to enrich the education of students in the Hilton Central School District, NY. The founders wanted to be independent of the Hilton Central School District and apolitical, with a vision of soliciting community and individual involvement that will increase public awareness of the Hilton Central School District and its programs.

HEF programs are supported by the annual funding raising activity i,.e, Golf Tournament (2016- ), Comedy Night (2007-2016), contributions from alumnus with matching corporate funds, Friends of the Foundation, Wegmans, Hilton Credit Union, R-Optics, the general public,  and payroll deductions from HCSD faculty and staff.



In April HEF received 501(c) 3 status as an independent not-for profit and offered their first student initiative, the Principal’s Checkbook.   The Principal’s Checkbook was designed to provide principals with access to funds to help offset individual or small group student need or financial hardship. The funds are available for materials, supplies, and/or activities that is not financially supported by the district (either through general funds and/or grants).  To date, $8,386.86 has been used to support students in need.

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The Mini Grant Program was designed to support innovative projects and programs that enhance the school curriculum and enrich the learning experience for students. Mini Grants expanded opportunities not otherwise available to teachers or students. From 2008-2019, $24,396.26 has been used to enrich the learning experience for students. Note: mini grants are no longer funded.


2008 Scholarships:

The First Hilton Education Foundation Scholarship established and given at Bravo Night for $500; currently, $2500 and a Microsoft Surface Computer is awarded.  Criteria includes evidence of continued academic progress, extracurricular involvement, and volunteer work.  In 2020 the scholarship was posthumously renamed as the HEF Founder Aggie Seneway Scholarship



Cadet Cupboard. Launched in 2013 and sponsored by the Hilton Central School District and Hilton Education Foundation, the Cadet Cupboard provides HCSD students with the opportunity to participate in a weekend backpack program that gives children access to essential, nutritious food that they can subtly take home and safely prepare on their own. Thanksgiving and Christmas meal boxes are offered to those whose families are experiencing economic hardships. Sponsors include: Wegmans, Summit Credit Union and R-Optics.  To date, HEF has contributed $31,462.47 to the Backpack Program.

HEF Skilled Trades Scholarship was established and awarded in 2013 to a student who will further his or her education in skilled trades or services.  $2500 and a Microsoft Surface Computer are awarded

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HEF Women’s STEM Scholarship was established and funded by an alumnus of the Class of 1994 to Women who are pursuing an undergraduate and are majoring in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics during the school year. $2500 and a Microsoft Surface Computer are awarded.

Presently, HEF has awarded $55,000 in HEF scholarships.



Mini Grants were replaced with Experiential Learning Scholarship
Experiential Learning is a process through which students develop knowledge, skills, and values from direct experiences outside a traditional academic setting. The purpose of the HEF Experiential Learning Grant is to provide principals with an alternative way to obtain funding for valuable education experiential learning opportunities for students.

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With your support, The Hilton Education Foundation continues to provide enriching educational opportunities and essential nutritious food through the Backpack Program to the students at the Hilton Central School District.


Aggie Seneway, Founder and President of the Hilton Education Foundation (HEF) passed awaypeacefully in her sleep on November 12, 2020. In 2005 Aggie met with a team of communityvolunteers to create an education foundation to provide funds to enhance and enrich educationalopportunities for teachers and students through scholarships and grants in the Hilton CentralSchool District. Since the inception HEF has created and sponsored the Cadet Cupboard, ThePrincipal’s Check Book, and three Scholarships (Hilton Education Foundation Scholarship, SkilledTrades & Services Scholarship, and HEF Women’s STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering orMathematics] Scholarships awarding recipients $7,500 annually. HEF has also funded andsponsored the Experiential Learning Grant, guided alumni tours, and the Alumni Hall of Fame.Additionally, HEF administers and managed contributions for seventeen other private scholarships.

Charitable projects such as the annual Golf Tournament, Comedy Night and associated fund-raising activities have been carried out under Aggie’s continuous guidance and vision. The HiltonEducation Foundation is forever grateful for her selfless contribution to its success.

Thank you Aggie.